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The Third Meal is a 501c3 non-profit and donations are eligible for tax exemption, EIN 85-3987492. We partner with corporations, donors, food suppliers social workers and link them with children who need meals. Our motto is "Dine with Dignity". We make it possible for children to not only eat, but be able to enjoy an experience millions of people take for granted - to go into a restaurant and order off the menu just like anyone else, without the stigma so often associated with 'being in need'.

The Third Meal is developing a platform that will allow children to enjoy meals with our partners in the food industry.. Already donors and partners can work together seamlessly through our user friendly web site. Children and their families can now have their own The Third Meal account where they can access Gift Cards and dine with dignity in our partner restaurants.
Steve Jhonson
“Millions of children in America only get 2 meals a day. And that’s when they’re at school. We’re feeding them their third meal, and we’re doing it in a way that builds their self esteem. We’re opening doors at our partner restaurants for them to go in and order off the menu just like anybody else. And we’re teaching them that they are not a burden. They are important. Their future is our future.”

— Steve Johnson

30 million children are dependent on the 2 meals they receive at school. Most of these children do not have a third meal… Ever.

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30 million students qualify for free or reduced cost school lunches through a federal program called the National School Lunch Program. The NSLP covers costs for schools to provide lunch and in most cases breakfast. However for millions of them, it’s impossible to secure that third meal of the day.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), hunger due to insufficient food intake is associated with lower grades, higher rates of absenteeism, repeating a grade, and the inability to focus among students. Such studies show that eating breakfast and lunch is vital to student performance.
Our mission is to provide students in need, their third meal. By partnering with corporations, we are developing a platform and app that provides an easy and dignified way for a child to receive a healthy, school-approved meal from a partnering restaurant. In doing so, we are helping not only the child but supporting the community as well.

The Third Meal offers a sustainable, dignified, and discreet service (for both recipients and donors), through advanced user-friendly technology, leveraging the goodwill, kindness, and generosity of corporations and private donors.

Meet The Team

Steven Leslie Johnson
Founder and President
Ray Roske
Founder and CEO
BJ Foster
Family and Student Advocate

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The Third Meal is a 501c3 non-profit and donations are eligible for tax exemption, EIN 85-3987492.
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