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Frequently Asked Questions

Third Meal is a platform and app that provides an easy and dignified way for a child to receive a health, school approved meals.

The Third Meal is a 501c3 non-profit and donations are eligible for tax exemption, EIN 85-3987492. We partner with corporations, donors, food suppliers, and social workers to link them with children who need meals. We make it possible for children to not only eat, but be able to enjoy an experience millions of people take for granted - to go into a restaurant and order off the menu just like anyone else, without the stigma so often associated with 'being in need'.

The Third Meal is currently in the development phase of this digital platform that will allow more and more children to enjoy meals with our partners in the food industry.. We've already been serving children in our pilot program and are now able to facilitate donors and partners seamlessly through this user-friendly website. Children and their families can now have their own The Third Meal account where they can access Gift Cards and dine with dignity in our partner restaurants.

Yes! As we expand our program to multiple cities and add additional restaurants, you will have the option to specify. When you make a donation, there will be an option for the city in a dropdown list as well as selecting the particular restaurant, otherwise it will go to support the general program and be distributed evenly. For now, just send us a message, if you'd like to specify.

Many companies have a Matching Gift Program, providing access to a charitable giving platform option alongside other company benefits, increasing employee engagement and helping employees better understand how charitable giving fits into their overall financial picture. Inquire at your organization to see if they have a matching donation program and simply use the existing portal to register as a qualified 501c3 recipient, EIN 85-3987492. Contact us if you need assistance with your MGP.

When you click on "Buy a Kid a Meal" you will be able to choose between giving an unrestricted donation, which serves to feed a kid a meal and support our programs, or a restricted donation, which will send 100% of your donation directly to a kid in need.

We're so glad you asked! If you're in Reno Nevada or Denver, Colorado the program is up and running. We're expanding to Portland, Oregon next. If you'd like to join us as a partner in any of these cities, just send us a message, and we'll connect with you with the next steps. We have everything in place to allow you to receive funds and issue gift cards to kids who need a third meal.

Children in need are identified by Student advocates already vetted and working inside the school system, primarily but not limited to Title One schools. The children's identifies are known only to the proper school officials already working to benefit the children in their programs. Our administrators, restaurant partners, and donors do not know the individual children so that their privacy can be respected and the end purpose - for them to "Dine with Dignity" - may be achieved safely, effectively, and consistently.

We're so glad you asked! To partner with us, just send us a message, and we'll connect with you on the next steps.

We are all about Partnership.

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The Third Meal is a 501c3 non-profit and donations are eligible for tax exemption, EIN 85-3987492.
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